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Growing and Caring For Your Lucky Bamboo Plant Indoors

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Lucky bamboo plant is a type of evergreen with long, thin leaves and straight stems. The stems resemble bamboo. However, lucky bamboo plant is part of a different taxonomic order from bamboos. In Feng shui, lucky bamboo is considered as a symbol of good luck. Feng shui is a philosophical system that harmonizes the surroundings to attract good fortune.

Different combinations of lucky bamboo are used to attract different things. For example, lucky bamboo arranged with three stems will attract happiness. Five stems lucky bamboo will attract health.  Lucky bamboo with 25 stems will attract good health and prosperity.

Planting Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo plants bought from professional growers are shaped and braided intricately to attract more luck. But it’s very easy to grow and care for one on your own. In fact, bamboo lucky plant is one of the lowest maintenance plants there are!

Just get a small stem of lucky bamboo plant and plant grow it in a pot with soil or with stones and water. If you decide to grow it in soil, make sure to use rich loam. The soil should be drained adequately. You can use organic fertilizer when needed. On the other hand, if you chose water and stones, the container should hold enough stones to balance the plant.

Caring For Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo plants love filtered sunlight. Do not place the plant near direct sunlight. The heat will destroy the leaves. These plants are more tolerant to a little light than too much. But if the leaves start turning yellow, you need to provide more light.

As for watering, lucky bamboo plants could grow in a simple container with pebbles and an inch of water. But this plant is sensitive to chemicals used to treat water. So we recommend watering your lucky bamboo with distilled water or bottled water instead of tap water. To know if the lucky bamboo plant is healthy, check the roots. Healthy lucky bamboo plants have red roots. Always change the water regularly to avoid pests and dirt.

If you planted the lucky bamboo in water and pebbles, add liquid fertilizer at least every other month. A single drop of liquid fertilizer is enough to nourish the plant. Don’t give more than you need to!

When it comes to the ideal temperature, lucky bamboo plant prefers warmer climates. The sweet spot is between 65ºF and 90ºF. They are very sensitive to drops in temperature so never place the plant near heating vents or air conditioning.

If you planted the lucky bamboo in soil, make sure the soil is not soaking wet. The excess moisture could destroy the roots.

Trimming is one of the most important parts of caring for lucky bamboo plants. You want to remove yellowed leaves regularly. Over time, the plant will become top heavy. It could also lose its shape. If you’re trimming the plant, do not cut the main stalk. Rather, remove the offshoots with a pair of sterile snippers. Then, dip the cut ends with paraffin. This will discourage new growths on the cut offshoots. If new shoots emerge, the plant will lose its original shape. It will become bushier and harder to manage.

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