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Glitter Toilet Seat: Should You Get It?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Adding a pop of color or an unexpected detail on everyday home items is one way to add character to your living space. For the bathroom, there are hundreds of ways to decorate the space and make bath time even more rewarding! For shimmer lovers, a glitter toilet seat is a fabulous alternative to boring, plain toilet seat.

What is a Glitter Toilet Seat?

As the name implies, a glitter toilet seat is a toilet seat made with a special glittery resin. As the sunlight hits the surface of the toilet seat, it gives a spectacular light show that brightens the entire bathroom. Think of it as a disco ball for the bathroom. The glitter toilet seat doubles as a unique bathroom décor too. It’s a great conversation piece when you have friends over.

Glitter Toilet Seats According to Colors

Glitter toilet seats come in an array of colors to choose from. Get it in contrasting color to draw the eyes in or get it in the same color as your theme so the “throne” blends seamlessly to its surroundings.

The blue glitter toilet seat comes in a bright royal blue shade with tiny flecks of silver glitter for a nice contrast. It’s the perfect toilet seat for modern bathrooms. You can also choose blue if you want the toilet to really stand out.

For those who love drama, we recommend the black glitter toilet seat. The black toilet seat features a gorgeous play of light over a gleaming onyx background. Black glitter toilet seat is perfect for those who love monochromatic colorways or eye-catching, glamorous accent colors.

The pink glitter toilet seat is perfect for fans of Barbie pink or for your little girl’s bathroom! The touch of pink is highlighted by the playful glint of silver glitter. And when the sunlight hits, the entire bathroom is bathed in dancing lights! It’s a great piece to decorate a little girl’s bathroom or to add a pop of color to your toilet.

For those who live for subtle details, the silver glitter toilet seat is your best bet. The silver-on-silver color and glitter combo makes the glitters less noticeable. It lends a beautiful sheen to your bathroom nonetheless.

Construction and Sizing

The glitter toilet seats are made with durable polymer resin that’s polished to a high shine to light up the bathroom!

Most toilet seats are machine-made, but glitter toilet seats are handcrafted and fitted with chrome-plated hinges. Because glitter toilet seats are handmade, no two products are 100% identical. Some retailers offer glitter monogram and other customizations. As for the sizes, the toilet seats come in standard sizes and will fit most toilets. The dimensions are: 14″W x 16.8″L x 1.75″H

Should You Get a Glitter Toilet Seat?

If you’re after novelty or aesthetics, then a glitter toilet seat is a great way to add a touch of playfulness to the bathroom. It’s the perfect functional décor for people who do not take themselves too seriously. But of course, these products do not offer added features than your average toilet seats.  Getting this product will depend on your preferences and the kind of look you are going for.

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