Four Kitchen Tools for a Raw Foodist

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Are you considering adopting a raw food diet? Raw food is not only healthy but can be quite tasty if a little creativity is used when planning and preparing meals. Raw food is much more than just raw fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce can be combined in unique and creative ways to prepare sophisticated, gourmet dishes suitable for a five star restaurant. To create gourmet raw food meals, you’ll need a few kitchen tools to make preparation easier. Here are some of the best kitchen tools and gadgets for raw foodists:

1. Kitchen tools for a raw foodist: A dehydrator

You might say a dehydrator is the raw foodist’s oven. According to the principles of a healthy raw food diet, food shouldn’t be heated above a temperature of 120 degrees Farenheit to preserve the enzymes that are so vital to health. A dehydrator allows the raw foodist to give food a cooked taste without exceeding this temperature. The dehydrator does this by slowly removing moisture from the food. Using a dehydrator, a raw foodist can make crisp pizza crusts, whole grain crackers, granola and other healthy treats without using levels of heat that would destroy necessary enzymes. A dehydrator is also useful for drying fresh fruits and vegetables to preserve them for later use. Dehydrators can be purchased for under $100.00 at stores that sell outdoor good and camping supplies, some department stores, and online. If you’re serious about adopting a raw food lifestyle, this is a good investment.

2. Kitchen tools for a raw foodist: A juicer

A quick and easy way to get a diversity of healthy enzymes and antioxidants without eating a ton of fruits and vegetables is to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice. With a juicer, you can make your own healthy juice combinations using organic fruits and vegetables. By drinking fresh juice, you get the benefits of a variety of fruit and vegetables without eating large quantities of food. Plus, you can save the juice pulp which contains the fiber to use in other recipes. Juicers come in a variety of price ranges and can be found at most gourmet kitchen stores, department stores, and online. Choose a juicer that cleans up quickly and easily since juicing can be time intensive if you choose the wrong juicer.

3. Kitchen tools for a raw foodist: A high quality blender

Raw foodists use a blender to create delicious smoothies using fresh fruits as well as cold fruit and vegetable based soups. This is one appliance where it pays to spend a little more and get a model with real power and durability. A cheap blender may not have the get up and go to crush ice sufficiently to make a smoothie or puree soup until it’s smooth and creamy. One of the best models on the market is the Vita-mix which can not only make smoothies and soups, but can also make delicious ice creams, sorbets. It even makes whipping up nut butters a breeze. It’s a powerful tool which, unfortunately, will set you back over $400.00. You can sometimes buy refurbished models for less online. Be sure to do price comparisons before buying.

4. Kitchen tools for a raw foodist: Chopping tools

Raw foodists eat lots of chopped vegetables. For this reason, you’ll want tools that get the job done quickly and efficiently. A high quality stainless steel chopping knife as well as a good cutting board, preferably in wood, will come in handy. You can find a variety of other vegetable choppers that will make fancier cuts such as a mandoline or a spiral slicer, but you can get by with just a steel chopping knife initially.

One other tool you may want to add later is a coffee grinder to quickly grind nuts and flaxseed. Some raw foodists believe a food processor is necessary although a blender and your stainless steeling chopping knife can perform most of the functions of a food processor. Before stocking your raw food kitchen, be sure to do price comparisons online to get the best deal. Enjoy experimenting with raw foods!

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