Finding the Best Combustible Gas Leak Detectors for Your Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

If your home relies on combustible gas for heat, it pays to always check the performance of your fireplace. Gas leaks are all too common especially as the colder months set it. Unfortunately, it’s hard to detect gas leak unless you have a combustible gas leak detector installed in your home.

Thousands of Americans die each year from accidental poisoning by a gas leak. That’s why it pays to always keep your gas-dependent appliances in tip-top shape to prevent any untoward incident from happening. With a gas leak detector, you can prevent accidents related to gas leaks like house fires or even poisoning.

It’s hard to tell if there’s a leak in your system unless a great volume of gas was dispersed into the air. If your home suddenly smells like rotten eggs, chances are, there is a gas leak. In such cases, do not flip a switch, light a matchstick, or touch anything in the home. It could set off a fire. Instead, leave the premises right away and then call a professional to inspect the place and make repairs. Do not attempt to patch the leak yourself especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. Such a thing could worsen the situation.

Choosing the Best Gas Leak Detectors for Your Home

There are many types of combustible gas leak detectors to choose from. They vary in size, the scope of the area they cover, as well as the price and quality. When choosing the right gas leak detector for your home, you should consider the size of your home and the quality of the product itself. The price could be a factor in your shopping but don’t let it be the sole deciding factor. You might get exactly what you pay for.

Gas Leak and Combustible Gas Leak Detector Recommendations

Some products—like the Bacharach Leakator 10—are very expensive at almost $300 but the reviews are impressive. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, all-around efficient gas leak detector, then the Bacharach models are great choices. Of course, you can shop around online to get an idea which types of gas leak detectors suit your home and your budget the best.

The UEI CD100A Leak Detector is perfect for homeowners and is much cheaper at $140. Most UEI gas leak detectors could be used both at home and commercial buildings too.

Combustible gas leak detectors are able to detect methane, natural gas, butane, LPG, and propane gas leaks. If you want a combustible gas leak detector that works similarly like a smoke alarm, then we recommend the First Alert GCO1CN Plug-In Combination Explosive Gas/Carbon Monoxide Alarm or the SafetySiren Family Safety Combustible Gas (Propane Methane) Detector. They are priced the same at $40 and the reviews for each product are solid.

Perhaps one of the most recommended combustible gas leak detectors on the market right now is the Extech EZ40 EzFlex Combustible Gas Detector. It’s around $115 and again, the reviews are great. It’s an efficient and compact detector, it’s extremely user friendly, and it features a nifty sensitivity adjustment control so it could detect the smallest of leaks! What’s more, it has alarms at 10% LEL for methane. The Extech EZ40 EzFlex Combustible Gas Detector is best for homes with natural gas piped into the structure.

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