Facts About Shockproof Lockers: Features, Types and Factors to Consider

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Shockproof lockers are reinforced lockers made from steel. The doors are comprised of a laminated melamine resin overlay to add a layer of protection to the storage unit. The overlay doors are attached on the front side of the locker. Shockproof lockers come in a wide range of colors and designs and in varying numbers of compartments.


The locker’s inset door is typically made with steel and the doors are affixed with durable hinges that resist pressure. The hinges, just like the entire locker, are flame, impact, abrasion, and humidity resistant.

Other cutting-edge features include anti-vandal doorstoppers, aluminum disk fixed on the door to identify the owner of the locker, and sturdy end panels that add strength to the storage unit. The locker comes with a set of regular and master keys.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Shockproof Lockers

Impact Resistance

One of the first things you have to consider before getting a shockproof locker is impact resistance. The storage unit must be durable enough to withstand pressure and day-to-day usage. There are cases wherein these units are subjected to vandalism, bumps, etc. The unit must keep all things in storage protected from impact at all times.

Scratch Resistance

Apart from being impact resistant, the storage unit must resist scratches and dents as well. Usually, shockproof lockers are meant for heavy-duty use. The unit should be able to maintain its appearance and integrity for years to come. The panels must be resistant to wear and tear especially since lockers require heavy use and frequent cleaning.

Humidity or Moisture Resistant

A shockproof locker must resist temperature changes, humidity and moisture very well. It should be resistant from decay, mold or discoloration as well. The surface and coating of the locker should be impervious to moisture.

Fire Resistant

A shockproof locker should meet all the requirements of the national and international fire classifications for safe fire behavior. The storage unit should be made with high-density materials to resist heat and fire. At the very least, ignition should only occur at extremely high temperature.

Environmental Considerations

Some types of shockproof lockers are made with eco-friendly materials. If these products are something that you want to consider, then go for companies that use certified according to ISO 14001 materials. Companies that set up, implement, maintain and improve a completely integrated Environmental Management System make these types of locker materials.

There are instances wherein eco-friendly materials are more expensive than regular materials. The extra cost will translate to the total value of the locker.


Safety should be one of the top priorities of a shockproof locker. The storage unit must be fitted with a sturdy disc lock with thousands of serial combinations. The lock must be reprogrammable. The hinges of the door should resist tampering and extreme pressure. The entire body of the unit should resist impact and every day wear and tear to keep all things in storage protected.


Most units are supplied with their own set of locks, keys or disc lock with a preset serial combination. In some units, aluminum number disks are cut into the door. Some companies will also offer engraving of the door with number or letters for free.

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