Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Not all window types are created equal. That’s why it’s important to determine the right design, material and features before making your choice. But because there could be hundreds of window types out there, choosing just one design is an overwhelming task. Today, we are listing down the important factors you have to consider when choosing the right windows for your home:

The 4 Basic Types of Windows

Single and Double Hung Window

Hung window comes in two types: single and double. Generally, double hung windows are comprised of two separate sashes. The sash opens and closes by sliding up or down. A single hung window will open from the bottom by sliding up while a double hung window can be opened from the top or bottom. Double hung window is best for homes with small children. This type of window minimizes the chances of a child climbing out from the bottom of the window.

Casement Window

This type of window is made from a large sash hinged vertically. It opens by swinging the windows out using a lever.

Awning Window

As the name suggest, this type of window mimics the appearance of an awning when it’s opened. This window is hinged at the top. It opens by tilting the window out from the bottom. Awning windows are best in coastal areas. It’s a popular choice as bathroom windows too.

Slider Window

The slider window is opened from the side, by sliding. This is best for homes with limited exterior space for swinging windows.

Frames and Sash Materials

Wood Window

Wood provides excellent insulation. It will resist heat and cold, but it’s prone to decay. Wood is also intolerant to moisture and movement so it’s not recommended for wet or humid climate. Also, wooden sash materials are high maintenance compared to similar products made with aluminum or vinyl.

Vinyl Window

Vinyl is a popular window material because it’s affordable, maintenance-free and resistant to decay. It provides excellent insulation and comes in hundreds of designs.

Vinyl Clad Windows

This material is comprised of wood on the inside and vinyl coating on the outside. This type of window material offers the sturdiness of wood and the beauty of vinyl. This is easier to maintain than wood windows, but it’s not impervious to decay or weathering.

Types of Window Glass

There are several types of window pane glass.

Regular Pane Glass

You can choose between double, triple and even quadruple pane glass. Depending on the thickness, pane glass is durable and tolerant to moisture and every day wear and tear. Do note that the number of glass pane will not boost the product’s insulation.

Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass

This glass is made from microscopically thin, a virtually invisible layer of material on the surface of the glass. This material minimizes the amount of heat that flows through the glass. This material is best for those who live in very cold climate.

Impact Resistant Glass

This glass will break if blunt force is applied, but it will not shatter into pointed shards. Instead, it will shatter into small pieces of glass. This minimizes accident caused by sharp shards of glass.

Window Quality and Warranty

Go for trusted retailers that offer a warranty on sash and window materials. Remember, you will get what you pay for. Some window frame brands may be more expensive, but it they offer warranties or money back guarantees, you can protect yourself financially from any loss.

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