Fabulous Floral Decor Ideas for Your Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Floral patterns add vibrancy and warmth to a living space. These designs also help create a focal point in any areas of the home. You don’t have to give your living space a complete overhaul to incorporate floral patterns. In today’s post, we are listing down great décor ideas to subtly integrate floral patterns to your existing interior design:

Paint a Floral Mural

Floral patterns add an elegant look to any areas of the home. If you are an avid painter then creating a floral mural to your wall should be an easy way to add floral patterns to your living space. You can either paint small floral accents or dress up an entire wall with a large floral pattern for an eye-catching accent wall!

If you’d rather use a wall decal, you can either print one yourself or you can purchase a ready-made wall decal. Decals are patterns with adhesive backing. Usually, decals come in two pieces. You will apply the top piece first and then apply the bottom one to complete the pattern. The great thing about using decals is that the adhesive will not damage the walls. You can simply peel the decals off and reuse it without losing its tackiness.

Framed Floral Décor

Here’s a fast, simple way to add gorgeous blooms into any room: a framed botanical print! You can make several framed floral prints and place it on any points of the room. We recommend placing one or several framed floral prints on the living room, entryways or the bedroom.

Floral Desktop

If you work from home and you’d like to add floral accents to your home office then we recommend adding several flora-themed decors! You can either install bloom-themed wallpaper on your desk and match it up with dainty glass vases or even change your computer wallpaper into a bloom-themed one. You can change the pattern any time.

Adding Several Floral Mats

You can either purchase several floral mats to enhance specific points of your home or make your own using wallpaper. For a DIY floral mat, unfurl enough wallpaper to cover the backing of clip frames. Cut paper to fit each one and then use these pieces as mats! You can hang up the frames to keep the wallpaper aligned.

Floral Curtains

Layering different floral decors is a great way to improve the fluidity of the interior design. You can use different floral patterns and sizes to refresh your living space. The key is to choose a dominant element, which in this case, is the curtain.

Play up with different patterns and sizes to find a good arrangement. You can offset the busy-ness of layering different floral patterns by using a white color scheme.

Printed Throw Pillows

An effortless way to dress up any living space is by adding throw pillows with interesting prints. You can choose pillows with eye-catching floral prints. These decors work well especially for vivid-colored couches or chairs. You can also incorporate the same design by adding a couple of floral-printed throw pillows in the bedroom!

DIY Magnetic Flowerets

If you love arts and crafts then this simple project will transform any boring room into a bloom-filled one. You can purchase plastic or textile flower heads and stick it on magnets using your trusty glue gun. Then, you can simply embellish any room with these nifty decors.

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