DIY Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

An outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to add functionality to your outdoor space. You can use the fireplace for cookouts, to host parties as well as to keep warm during colder seasons. While most homeowners turn to professional builders for an outdoor fireplace, you can build one on your own. This is a surprisingly easy project that won’t take a lot of time to complete. Build your own outdoor stone fireplace by following this step-by-step guide:

You will need:

Stacked stone
2X4 pressure-treated lumber
concrete foundation
concrete cinder blocks
backer board
tape measure
nail gun
chop saw
chimney cap
masonry anchors or bits

Safety First: Before moving forward with the project, make sure you’re wearing protective gear. Wear the right gears to protect the hands and the eyes at all times.

Step 1: Developing the Design

To start off the project, go to the spot where the fireplace will be build. Check the size of the area before determining the dimensions of the fireplace. List down the width, length, depth and height on a pad paper. At this point, you need to develop the design as well. Do you want a contemporary or a traditional stone fireplace? Do you want a wood burning fireplace or a gas-powered one?

Step 2: Building the Foundation

The durability of your fireplace will depend on the foundation. You want a sturdy, level and stable foundation. You want the area to be flat. If it’s not, create a flat base using a concrete slab. Start by digging a ditch using a shovel. Mix then pour concrete on the ditch.

Step 3: Adding the Cinder Blocks

Once you’re done with the foundation, you can start laying the concrete cinder blocks. Always add a layer of mortar between concrete cinder blocks. You want to leave an opening for ventilation. The opening will be used to attach the chimney layer on.

Step 4: Layering the Façade Frame

Once you’re done laying the cinder blocks, you will move onto the façade. Start by cutting 2X4 wood to size with a chop saw. Now, assemble the blocks of wood using a nail gun. You may also use a power drill and screws.

Then, cut the cement board to size. With your power drill, attach the cement board to the frame using concrete screws. After you’re done, mix the mortar according to the instructions. Using a trowel, scoop the mortar from the bucket and to the cement boards. Do this by sections because mortar dries fairly fast.

Step 5: Stacking the Façade Stone

After adding a layer of mortar to the cement board, press one stacked stone into it. Hold the stone in place until it sticks to its place on its own. Do this slowly to ensure evenness. There should be no space between the stacked stones.

Step 6: Installing the Chimney Cap

Finally, install the chimney caps. Most chimney caps are made with metal. If your chimney is single-flue, install the chimney cap over the flue. Tighten the screws to secure the cap in place. If the chimney needs masonry anchors or bits to keep it in place, get your power drill and start adding the screws.

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