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DIY Leather Furniture Seam Repair

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Leather furniture is a fantastic addition to the living room. It’s definitely a luxurious piece of furniture that your family will enjoy for years. But just like anything in life, the material will break down. Any damage from a leather furniture makes it less attractive. Usually, we go to a professional upholsterer to have these rips fixed. But with the right tools, you can make the repairs yourself.

In today’s post, we are giving you a step-by-step guide on how to repair minor damages on leather furniture.

You will need:

Curved needle
Nylon or Waxed thread


The curved needle will be used to stitch the seams of the leather. Ordinary needles won’t do. Curved needles are shaped to make it easier to pull out. That’s because the needle will automatically face upward if you push it through the seam.

The pliers will grip the curved needle with every stitch. It will give you a little leverage to make it easier to repair the ripped seams. As for the waxed thread or nylon, these are stronger than ordinary cotton or polyester thread. Make sure to double the stitch for durability.

You can use the awl only if the original holes in the seams are damaged beyond repair. Awls are difficult to use but if you get the hang of it, repairing will be a breeze. Just insert a small piece of wood where the seam is torn and use the awl to create new holes. Also, keep the holes uniform to prevent additional damage to the furniture.


Start by trimming the excess threads to clean up the ripped area. If the thread is torn, all you need to do is to stich it all back together. But if the thread tore through the leather, cut away the shredded leather and sew the leather segments. At this point, you can make new holes for sewing using the awl.

Now, begin by double threading the needle. Use enough thread to seal the area. Again, you have to double stitch the torn leather for durability so get enough thread for the job. Also, when stitching, do not pull too much. The thread could tear through the leather, causing little rips that would progress to severe damage in the future.

Sew the seam while folding the piece of leather on itself. Tuck the curved needle beneath the seam to stitch it from the inside. This can’t be done in the final stitch of the repair, but the bulk of the repaired seams will be internal.

Once the whole thing is stitched up, tie off the thread and trim the excess. Tie your stitching thread to the loose thread of the original stitching. This helps secure the stitching.

Restoring the furniture’s structural integrity is surprisingly easy. It will save you more money on repair costs. However, do note that severe damages are best left to the professionals. In addition, some damages are so severe, no amount of advanced skills could save the furniture. In such cases, consider re-upholstering the whole thing.

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