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Design Tricks to Establish Symmetry with Asymmetric Windows

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

To achieve balance, a living space must achieve complete symmetry. Without symmetry, a room would look awkward, incomplete and unbalanced. Unfortunately, there are times when certain parts of the room are not 100% symmetrical. Usually, awkward or asymmetrical windows can cause a space to look less than perfect. The good news is, there are ways to make even the most asymmetrical windowless noticeable in a room. In today’s post, we are listing down design tips to help you achieve a perfectly symmetrical living space:

Add Curtains and Drapes

Working with awkward windows involves using other fixtures to distract the eye from the lack of symmetry. Apart from making the space more inviting, curtains and drapes make the perfect distraction from the awkwardness!

Start by hanging the curtain rods above every window, making sure to keep the rods as close to the same height. Instead of focusing on the window height, concentrate on hanging the rods in places that add symmetry to the entire room. This will create balance.

If the window is not level, use enough material to cover the entire window. Hiding the misalignment of the window is easier with longer curtains. To determine the right curtain length, measure the window from the tallest corner down to the lowest. Make sure the covering is long enough to reach the bottom frame of the window. Measure the widest point, then both sides of the window. For a full look, use at least twice as much fabric as the width measurement of the window.

Tricking the Eye with Color

Another effective trick to add symmetry to an asymmetric window is picking the right colors. To achieve balance, use colors that blend perfectly with the wall color. Do not use contrasting or bright colors because they will only emphasize the unbalanced windows. You want to keep the elements of the window treatment in uniform shades, including the drapes, curtains, and the blinds.

Create  Focal Point

Finally, create a focal point in the room. A focal point will naturally draw the eyes towards it and away from the asymmetrical windows. You can use wall painting, figurines, or kitschy home decors to draw the eyes away from any unflattering angles of the room.

Add More Accents

If say, one window is larger than the other, consider hanging different sizes of picture frames or wall painting. Be creative! You can even use metallic wall decors or wall grilles. Hang the decors together so the eyes are naturally drawn to the images instead of the unequal length of the windows. This is a neat trick if you want to fool your visitors into thinking that the asymmetrical windows were done on purpose!

When it comes to choosing what type of wall decors to get, go for those that truly reflect your personal style. Installing kitschy decors to your space will add personality to the room. It can also distract the eyes from the asymmetrical windows. Your best bet is choosing decors with bold, graphic shapes and unique designs. You can also group together home items with the same shape and decorate the walls, it’s your choice.

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