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Decorating with Clocks

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

These days, you do not have to wear a watch much more get a clock to tell the time. Mobile phones, appliances, and even computers have built-in clocks, making time telling a straightforward affair. But when it comes to timeless (no pun intended) style, nothing beats a clock.

There is just something about clocks that add charm and personality in a space. And whether you have a heirloom piece cherished for decades or modern clocks in radical colorways, we’ve put together a list of ways to style a space using clocks:

Making an Impact

Want to transform a dull space into a fabulous focal point? Use different sized clocks in various styles and mount them on the wall. Now try mixing various paintings, black and white portraits and other artworks to create eye-catching space.

Striking Shelves

Wondering how to make your shelves look put together effortlessly? Create your very own time-themed display using different clock sizes and styles, pocket watch, vintage alarm clocks and hourglasses. Mix then up and style them according to your preference but make sure to add texture, character, and variety.

Vintage Clocks

If you have a large clock with Roman numerals and you are wondering where the best places to mount it, try installing it above the fireplace or sofa. Vintage clocks are effortlessly stylish and unique. It adds a nice contrast to modern homes and shines in cottage-style homes! A large clock over the fireplace or sofa just adds warmth to the space.

Stylish Kitchen

A decorative clock works two ways; it tells time while adding style to any area of the home including your kitchen. You can use modern clocks or vintage clocks to play up your kitchen décor. You can either use a small clock and place it near the herb shelf or install a large clock on the wall.

Fabulous Book Shelf

A bookshelf is never just a bookshelf when you incorporate a little extra to the design. Something as simple as small vintage clocks can be used to dress up an otherwise dull bookshelf. For instance, stack your books horizontally instead of the usual vertical position. Then, place one vintage clock on top of the books. You can also use two small clocks as book ends. You can also pair vintage clocks with vintage-looking books. Be as creative as you can to create a playful design.

Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are often installed in corners, entryways or foyer but why not look for inventive ways to maximize these beautiful timepieces? Why not place the clock in between two windows or at a bare space. You can also create your own room divider using the clock to add character to your living space? You can also use the clock near the landing of a stairway or as a focal point of the living room.

Grandfather clock tricks the eye into making a small room look bigger than it really is. The clock can also make ceilings appear higher. You can use the clock to make a room look cozier or larger, depending on your preference.

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