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Decorating Tips for a Latino-Inspired Abode

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

For decades, Latino-style homes have become a popular architectural choice, especially in the west. A traditional Latino home features clay tile roofing, stucco walls, tall-ceilinged entranceways, rustic decors, and bright tile flooring.

It is surprisingly easy to incorporate Latino-style decors in a living space! In today’s post, we are listing down decorating tips to add a fabulous Latino flair into your living space:

Wrought Iron Accents

One of the most prominent features of a traditional Latin American home is plenty of weight iron accents. The wrought iron accents typically come in forms of a chandelier, side table candelabras, stairway railings, or elaborate iron pieces used as décors! Adding iron pieces like wall sconces or cut steel lighting fixtures add texture to the space.

Earthy Tones

Latino homes feature rustic, earthy color palette such as brown tile flooring, sand colored walls, dark woods, or maroon accents. Introducing earthy tones in your home is sure to boost the Latino influence in your living space. You can also pair earthy tones with a pop of primary color such as bright yellow, blue, or red! One way to incorporate rustic color palette into a living space is adding Catalina style tiles, terracotta floors, brick walkways, or wall art pieces in earthy tones.

Latino-Style Outdoor Space

Decorating with statues, small fountains, water feature, and brick or terracotta outdoor decors evoke strong Latino style! If you’ve always wanted to plant palm or olive trees in your yard, now’s the best time to do it. Latino homes typically feature a tended garden filled with fruit-bearing trees and colorful flowers. Incorporating any of these outdoor decors are sure to add value to your home.


Add final touches to your indoor or outdoor space to complete a Latino-style home! The key is to look for complementing colors that will go beautifully with your color palette or flooring. Do not be afraid to experiment with indigenous style decors to add character to your living space. For instance, you can use a marble Aztec pyramidor or a decorative Aztec tequila bottle as a coffee table centerpiece.

You can also incorporate colorful textiles to the living room or dining room to brighten the space and evoke a traditional Latino home. We recommend adorning your living space with Latino-inspired decors such as hand-painted pottery, colorful painting, and colorful sofa pillows.

Adding a Siesta Spot

To make your outdoor space unique and classically Latino, get an outdoor bed and place it by the trees to create a spontaneous siesta spot! Add colorful pillows and a small table filled with books and other knick knacks. You can achieve similar effects by using a hammock instead of an outdoor bed.

Rustic Furniture

If your living space is in dire need of a makeover and you are serious about achieving classic Latino interiors, invest in antique furniture. Most Latino homes feature weathered, well-loved sofas, and chairs decorated with colorful pillows and textiles. You are bound to save a lot of money by opting for second-hand or used furniture instead of buying brand new pieces too!

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