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Decorating Ideas for a Functional Garden Patio with a View

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Want to take advantage of that perfect view from the patio? You want to create an inviting, comfortable and warm environment, conducive to bonding or relaxing with friends and family. Set the tone by adding key pieces to your patio. The perfect garden patio should have smart furnishing and efficient sunshades. It should include bright, stylish pieces that will complement your home’s design.

You don’t need to spend a boatload of cash on decorations. You can create a fabulous outdoor living space using eco-friendly, functional decors. In today’s post, we are giving you decorating tips to achieve a stylish and modern patio with a view:

Adding Bright Colored and Neutral Seating

Don’t stick to the traditional dining set-up to dress the patio area. You can re-decorate your outdoor space using bright-colored seating. Extra seating works great especially if you love holding parties or hosting events for your large families.  We recommend adding a day bed, several lounge chairs or even bean bags to create a relaxed atmosphere. You can also use benches, wicker ottomans or neutral colored soft cushions to complement the lush vegetation beyond.

Sunshades and Hammocks

You can also install sunshades and hammocks to optimize your outdoor space. This way, you and your family can still hang out and relax even when the sun’s in full blast. We recommend cooling shades with retractable awning. You can also add a small gazebo in the middle of your garden. This way, your family, and friends can check out the garden from all angles.

We recommend installing a hammock especially if you have a very large patio. Hammocks are always a hit among kids. You can do your research online to check out tutorials on DIY hammocks.

Rustic Decors

When it comes to design, the little things count. You can transform the overall look and feel of a space by using well-chosen furnishing. If you want to achieve a rustic patio, we recommend using decors made from wicker or natural wood. Hang little light lanterns to the path leading up to the entrance of the patio. You can also use candles in jars for a romantic atmosphere at night!

Repurpose home furnishing that you don’t use. If you’ve got several wooden barrels, or unused bedside table, make repairs and use them as functional decors too. Be as creative as you can to achieve the effect you want.

Potted Plants and Water Features

Make your outdoor space extra cozy by adding several potted plants and strategically-placed water features. These decors are very affordable. They are widely available too. If you’re trying to save money, you can always create DIY terrariums and water features too!

Board Games and Books

Match the cushy chairs with books, board games, and other items to entertain guests. Books and games will bring hours of laughter among friends and loved ones! On the other hand, you can also create a small nook for a little quiet reading or intimate conversation in the afternoon. You can use bean bags or cushions for your own reading nook.


A barbecue pit adds fun and practicality to any outdoor space. Grills are often expensive to get and even more costly to install. You can save more money by creating your own BBQ pit. Again, you can do your research online for easy DIY BBQ pit.

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