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Creative Ways to Organize Your Book Collection

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Organizing books or a personal library is as straightforward as they come. But these hacks and tips will show you different ways to keep your beloved books tidy and in pristine condition!

Less is More

Styling a bookcase is not as hard as it looks. But one important style element to keep in mind is to make the bookcase as simple looking as possible. Resist the urge to pair up your books with bulky accessories on every shelf. Don’t be afraid to pair your books with unconventional furnishing to create visually-appealing bookcase. Every time you complete a shelf, take a step back to assess your work. Make adjustments until you are satisfied with the arrangement!

Style Through Stacking

Playing up how you stack your books is also a simple way to style a personal library with brilliant results. We recommend alternating how you stack your books horizontally and vertically. You can use kitschy home decors to accentuate the bookshelf and add character to the arrangement. You can also add photographs of your travels for a personal touch.

Loose Symmetry

Got an at-home library/office you’d like to spruce up? To streamline your office shelves, gather several varieties of collectible books and place them in between smaller books. The effect creates loose symmetry for an organized feel. You want to scatter the larger books here and there to make the style as effortless as possible.

Matching Colors for Symmetry

A great way to create a standout bookshelf style is to match the book with the living space’s existing color scheme. Pairing similarly colored books and placing it in a shelf painted in the same color family as the walls gives the room a sense of unity.

Bedroom Library

For beds that feature small overhead shelves, you can add decorative baskets, functional headboard, and stylish figurines to accentuate a stylish mini library. You can also mount reading lights and a painting to boost the visual impact!

Incorporating Beautiful Prints

Here’s a cheap and chic way to dress up your shelves, stick wallpapers with vivid colors and interesting patterns at the back wall. The prints will instantly make bookshelves look new while making your books stand out in an interesting way! Finish up by adding decorative storage boxes to avoid clutter and pull together the entire arrangement.

Make Unique Bookends Out of Ordinary Decors

Bookends are so helpful when it comes to organizing books. But you do not need to buy pricey bookends to add style and character to your personal library! You can use everyday household items to make interesting bookends. Colorful ceramic pots, unused figurines, colorful photo frames, and even tape dispensers make great bookends. You can also breathe life back to old bookends by attaching small toys using your trusty glue gun!

Organizing Books Alphabetically

Finally, you can style your old bookshelves by organizing your books alphabetically. This makes it easy to look for a specific book and improve the overall arrangement of the bookshelves. You can also organize your personal library according to color, author, and size.

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