Creative Uses for Aluminum Foil

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

For most people, aluminum foil is often used in cooking to prevent food from burning. But you’d be surprised to know that there is more to aluminum foil than heating or storing food. In fact, this kitchen staple is one of the most versatile materials in the world! In today’s post, we are listing down the most creative ways to use aluminum foil:

Hide Discoloration and Spots in Mirrors

Do you have mirrors with unsightly discolorations or marks? You can use aluminum foil to mask these imperfections. Simply add a small piece of aluminum on the back of the mirror shiny side out. Secure it with a masking tape and put the mirror back into the frame.

Move Furniture with Ease

Need to move heavy furniture on your own? Just use aluminum foil. Get several sheets of foil, fold it in half and place the dull side down under the legs of the furniture. Now give the furniture a good push and you’re done. The dull side of the aluminum foils glides across the hard floor without damaging the furniture. It allows you to move heavy furniture with ease.

Keep Clothing Wrinkle-Free

Another nifty trick using aluminum foil is to use it when you iron your clothes. Just place a sheet of aluminum under the ironing board cover. The heat from the iron is enhanced by the foil, allowing you to eliminate wrinkles from clothing at a much faster rate. You don’t have to work twice as hard at ironing because the foil reflects the heat right back into the clothes, smoothing out wrinkles more quickly.

Clean Pots and Pans

Did you know aluminum has the ability to remove the toughest grime that sticks on pots and pans? Aluminum foil is surprisingly abrasive, making it a cheaper alternative to steel wool. To keep your pots and pans spotless, ball up a piece of aluminum foil. Start rubbing it on the dirty surface to remove sticky debris. Rinse the pots and you are done!

Eliminate Tarnish

When silverware is kept in storage for too long, the metal will start tarnishing. You can always use a silver polisher to remove tarnish, but you’ll save more if you use aluminum foil. Just line your silverware drawer with several sheets of aluminum foil. Store your clean silverware in the drawer. The foil prevents oxidation of silver, minimizing discoloration. If you’re storing silverware for long-term, we recommend wrapping them in plastic wrap then sealing the ends with foil.

Sharpen Scissors

This is a great trick if you’ve got lots of dull scissors in the house. Just get a sheet of foil and start cutting through it several times using a dull scissor. After several cuts, the sharpness of the scissors is restored, saving you the trouble of running out to get a new pair of scissors.

Enhance Radiator Efficiency

Did you know the heat from your radiator is usually absorbed by the wall behind it? To maximize the heat from the radiator, get several sheets of foil then tape it over a piece of cardboard. The shiny side should be facing out. Now tape the cardboard on the wall, just behind the radiator. The heat from your radiator will bounce off the foil and into the room!

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