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Common House Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Nothing is more satisfying than a gleaming home. Of course, there are many ways to keep your living space sparkling. Spring-cleaning is a labor-intensive process. It will require more than elbow grease to keep your home clean so make sure your efforts are not wasted. For efficient, hassle-free spring-cleaning, we’ve put together a list of cleaning no-no’s you must avoid at all cost:

Starting in the Wrong Order

Think of spring-cleaning as a simple math problem. It only takes a single mistake to come up with the wrong answer. The same thing can be said when it comes to cleaning a home. Starting on the wrong sequence will only make cleaning harder and less efficient.

One of the most common house-cleaning mistakes homeowners are guilty of is cleaning the floor first before the ceiling. The dust and debris will fall on the clean floor once you clean the ceiling. You will end up re-cleaning the floors to remove the dirt. The same thing goes for cleaning the sofa first before the curtains. When you clean the curtains, the dust will pile on the clean sofa. Making small changes in your cleaning routine helps cut the job in half the time.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Agent

Another common mistake most homeowners make when it comes to cleaning is using the wrong cleansing agent. Let’s face it, general cleaning agents are very expensive and using the wrong one could damage your interiors or appliances. Always check the label and use the cleaning agents for their intended purposes. Never use caustic agents to clean leather seats or abrasive cleaner on soft, scratch-prone surfaces. When cleaning painted, plastic or metal surfaces, a damp cloth soaked in soapy water is enough to remove dirt, grime, and debris.

Not Investing on Useful Cleaning Tools

Although a damp cloth and feather duster gets the minor cleaning done, consider investing on high powered tools to make cleaning less of a hassle for you and your loved ones. We recommend investing on a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner works best in nooks and crannies that manual cleaning cannot get. You don’t have to buy the most expensive cleaning tools available but unless you like the idea of spending all day cleaning, invest on the essentials.

Scrubbing Spills in Carpeting

Scrubbing will not cause a spilled liquid to disappear just like that. In fact, scrubbing could cause deep-seated staining. All that rubbing will twist and untwist the small fibers of your carpet or rug, helping the liquid be absorbed by the carpet at a much faster speed. And once the damage is done, it will become permanent.

The best way to remove spilled liquids on the carpet is by scooping out excess liquid with a spoon. Then, get a highly absorbent fabric or paper towel and blot the affected area. Continue blotting until the spot becomes dry.

Add a thick towel on top of the spill, place a heavy book on it and change the towel frequently. Do this until there is no moisture left on the spot. After the moisture is removed, you can start treating the affected area with a stain remover.

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