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Design Tricks to Establish Symmetry with Asymmetric Windows

To achieve balance, a living space must achieve complete symmetry. Without symmetry, a room would look awkward, incomplete and unbalanced. Unfortunately, there are times when certain parts of the room are not 100% symmetrical. Usually, awkward or asymmetrical windows can cause a space to look less than perfect. The good …

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Shelves, Coat Hangers and Cabinet Installation Tips

One way to maximize even the smallest of spaces is to mount ready-made shelves, coat hangers, and cabinets. These storage solutions require basic installation know-how. You don’t have to build an entire shelf yourself nor have cabinets customized for you. As long as you know how to operate an electric …

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The Benefits of a Water Softener

An estimated 85% of households in the US depend on hard water, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension. While hard water is safe to use, it contains trace amounts of minerals and metals that can cause damage on pipes and appliances. A water softener is a special type of water …

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Home Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

A fire sprinkler system is essential in every home because it will protect the property from fire. And it’s equally important to make sure the sprinkler system is properly maintained so it works efficiently in ensuring the health and safety of your property and its occupants. If you don’t maintain …

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Choosing the Best Water Conditioner for Your Home

Hard water or unpurified tap water causes damage to the pipes, central heating, and cooling system as well as certain appliances. It can also leave a sticky residue on skin, hair and clothing. A water conditioner – also called a water softener – works by eliminating all the harmful compounds …

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How to Maximize a Cramped Dorm Space

Dorms aren’t exactly known for offering lots of space. And for excited freshmen, a cramped dorm room could dampen their spirit. Before moving out of your parent’s home to live in a dorm, we recommend researching more about your college dorm room. Check the space each room provides and plan …

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All About Curtains: General Care and Maintenance Tips

Nothing quite like curtains to boost privacy and add character to a living space. Curtains and drapes come in an array of sizes and styles. Curtains ensure privacy from the outside while keeping the home insulated. Of course, these furnishings require proper care and maintenance to prolong their life. When …

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Painless Ways to Lower Utility Costs in the Home

Are your utility bills so high that you dread the end of every month? You’re not alone. Most households are wasting a lot of energy every day. This translates to high electric bills. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to make your home as energy-efficient as possible …

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