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17 Poisons in the House That You Didn’t Know About

1. Triclosan Triclosan is a commonly used  antibacterial compound in most detergents, dishwashing soaps and hand soaps. Virtually all cleaning  solutions labeled as “antibacterial” contains triclosan. But did you know triclosan is also an aggressive agent that promotes the growth of drug-resistant bacteria? Because we are   using a lot …

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Choosing the Right Kind of Wallpaper

While some people choose to have bare walls or painted ones in their homes, there are still those who love the concept of using wallpapers for the rooms around their house. It’s seems a bit old school but you will be surprise to know that there are still people using …

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Top 10 Cancer Causes Hiding in Your Home

1. Slow Cookers Still using that hands-me-down slow cooker? You might want to get a newer model. Also known as crock pots, older models of slow cookers may have traces of white asbestos in them. In the US, the usage of old crock pots (those with a lining between the …

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Best 5 Surround Speaker for Home Theater

1. Monitor Audio MASS – For Music Lovers Wanna squeeze out every last drop of hi-fi sound from your favorite tunes? The Monitor Audio MASS is made specifically for audiophiles! The Monitor Audio MASS is comprised of four MASS 10 satellites, three bass modes, and smoothly integrated subwoofers. The system …

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Carpet Cleaning: Dry Clean or Steam Clean?

Carpets make our homes more comfortable. They are also elegant addition to our homes and proper cleaning can help get rid of the accumulated dusts and other allergens. When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are many things that you need to consider. One is the type of carpet you …

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What Do the Numbers on My Key Mean?

Ever wonder what those random-looking sets of symbols, letters, and numbers on your house or car keys are for? All types of keys feature either a stamped or an embossed set of letters, symbols, and numbers. Depending on the kind of keys you carry around, these sets of symbols and …

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How to Install Pet Doors

We all love our pets and because we love them, we give them the freedom to go out of our house on their own. However, not all doors come in with built in pet doors, right? Because of this, it is our responsibility to install pet doors for our beloved …

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Things to Avoid When Finishing Your Basement

Perhaps among all parts of the house, the basement is the least of all priorities. No one really pays much attention to the basement unless they have something to store down there, right? However, if you value your home then you might as well invest in every inch of it. …

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