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10 Everyday Sources of Home Radiation

Unknown to many, we are exposed to radiation every single day of our lives. And it happens at a place where we least expect it – our very own homes. So even when you’re cozily snugged in bed, don’t ever think that you are protected from danger. From radon to …

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Reasons Why Most Texas Homes Have no Basements

Most homes in the South lack basements. And no, this is not an error in design at all. This might strike Northerners as strange because up north, most homes have basements. And when they go to the South, they are confounded by the locals’ preferences for outdoor storage sheds. There …

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Four Kitchen Tools for a Raw Foodist

Are you considering adopting a raw food diet? Raw food is not only healthy but can be quite tasty if a little creativity is used when planning and preparing meals. Raw food is much more than just raw fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce can be combined in unique and creative …

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How to Kill Cockroaches

Getting rid of roaches doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a number of ways to kill roaches at home for less money than hiring an exterminator to do it for you. Roach control can be done with a variety of over-the-counter roach killers. No matter how bad the roach …

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7 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Coming home at the end of the work week and realizing that the entire house is a mess is not how you want to start your weekend. By doing a simple chore here or there, you will ensure that your home is a tidy space that makes you happy and …

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How to Clean Vinyl

Would you like to learn the secrets of cleaning vinyl? The most common place you’ll find vinyl fabric is in the interior of your car. Vinyl coated fabrics are some of the most commonly used car upholstery fabrics. Unfortunately, this vinyl does become dirty and stained, especially if you use …

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A Guide to Sunrooms

A sunroom adds a touch of the outdoors to any home, bringing nature to the inside, without the inclement weather, insects or outdoor noise to deter from your enjoyment of it. A sunroom may be built onto a new home, but often it is added to an existing home by …

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The 5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

Neck pains are extremely annoying and painful. You know it’s there but there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it easily. When neck pain occurs, sleep is interrupted. This is even more irritating when you are not sleeping comfortably or worse, you can sleep but your neck pain …

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