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The Benefits of Using Fire Pit Glass

Burning wood is impractical because of the mess, the pollution and the constant killing of trees. Using wood in any shape or form isn’t sustainable at all. These days, you don’t need to burn wood in order to keep you warm all winter long. Fire pit glass makes an excellent …

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Aerogel: The Future of Home Insulation

Aerogel is a porous, synthetic material developed by the US space agency, NASA. Also known as “frozen smoke,” aerogel is derived from silica. Aerogel has an interesting back story too. It was developed as a bet between two chemists. The chemists knew that jellies are made from pectin dissolved in …

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5 Roof Types Perfect For Any Home

What’s the perfect roof for your new home? The right roof style will depend on your budget, preference and, of course, the overall design of your home. You don’t want to make a costly mistake by choosing the wrong roof style so make it a point to do lots of …

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8 Deadly House Plants

Roses are red, violets are blue, not all house plants, are safe to own. It’s the sad truth that every homeowner should know before planting in their garden or deciding to grow plants indoors. Children and pets get too curious of their environments and are at risk of accidentally eating …

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5 Risks of Installing Solar Panels

Although installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can be both environmentally and economically advantageous, the tradesman carrying out the installation can find themselves at risk of a number of different harmful occurrences during the process. Here are some risk factors to be aware of when carrying out this type of work. …

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Things a Contractor Can Do to Rip You Off

You are excited about your home improvement project and plan to work with a local licensed contractor who, your friends assure you, has an excellent reputation. You have met with the contractor, shown him drawings of how you want your remodeling project to look, and have created a list of …

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3 Popular Wood Types for a New Garage Door

When replacing a garage door it is important to understand the material choices available. Modern garage doors come in a variety of wood and metal types suitable for various uses, climates, and appearances. If you are looking at a standard residential door, chances are you will focus on wood. Metal …

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