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How to Tell if Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

Heated home equipment is the second leading cause of house fires, this according to the National Fire Protection Association. Such equipment includes space heaters, fireplaces, and chimneys. By regularly cleaning your chimney, you lower the risk of house fire significantly. But how do you tell if your chimney needs major …

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Decorative Climbing Plants That Grow on Walls

Climbing plants or vines are classified as any plant that has trailing stems, allowing them to climb into walls or any structure. Climbing plants attach themselves to any structure through tendrils, clinging, or wrapping themselves to any structure. However, there are certain types of non-climbing plants that could grow on …

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Four Plants to Deter Cats

Do feral cats made a habit out of wreaking your garden? If stray cats have been causing a problem in your garden, then consider getting plants that repel unwanted visitors. Cats are very devious (not to mention nimble) creatures. No matter how high you try to fence your garden, cats …

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How to Create Your Own Vertical Vegetable Garden

Gardening is an excellent hobby because it’s a great exercise and it makes any home seem even homier. Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners have enough room in their property for a garden. This is true especially for those living in urban areas. But don’t let the lack of space …

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The Best Types of Wood to Burn in Fire Pits

The best kind of wood for burning will vary according to the purpose of the fire. For instance, some types of wood are best for cooking while others are better at keeping the home warm through a fireplace. When choosing the best kind of firewood, you have to consider the …

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Top 8 Things to Know Before Buying a Home

Owning a house has always been the American dream. There’s nothing quite like going home to a property you can call your own. Never will you have to worry about monthly rent or moving places. You can finally go to bed peacefully every night, knowing that there will always be …

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Growing and Caring for Jade Plant

Jade plant or crassula ovata is a type of fleshy, succulent plant. It’s native to South Africa and is often cultivated for decorative purposes. Jade plant is considered lucky in Chinese culture. That’s why it’s commonly referred to as “the money tree.” Jade plant is a type of evergreen with …

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Figs VS Dates: Which is Better?

Whether you’re shooting for a healthier diet or a great looking garden, you cannot go wrong with planting fruits. And among all fruits, two of the most nutrient-rich are figs and dates. Weight for weight dried figs is healthier than any type of bread. Figs contain an incredible amount of …

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