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Best Home Décors for the Windows

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

You do not need to redecorate an entire space to refresh or experiment with different interior designs. Something as simple as dressing up the windows or adding stylish decors makes a great impact to your living space. Brighten up your living room or make your bedroom even cozier with these window décor tips:

A Pop of Color

Tired of your living space’s neutral palette? Don’t repaint the entire living space just yet! You can add a pop of color to your space by dressing up the windows with bright colored curtains or blinds. Neutral tones will complement virtually all bright colors. The contrast between neutral and vivid shades will add a contemporary vibe to your room.

And you don’t even need to hire an interior designer to update your space. Start by learning how to use the color wheel. Look at the opposite color of your chosen color, in this case, a neutral tone. The color will provide plenty of ideas as far as what curtain colors to get. You can even layer sheer curtains in complementing shades to add character to a living space.

DIY-Stenciled Monogram Valance

Create a unique, customized look to your windows by making your own monogram valance.  A window valance is a window treatment that covers the uppermost part of the window. The valance can be used to conceal the drapery hardware. With just a few tools, you can create your own window valance, add a decorative monogram and install it over the curtains.

If making your own stenciled monogram is too taxing, you can decorate the window valance with pennants made from felt. You can also wrap the valance with fabric (like lace or any textile with interesting pattern) to add texture to the room.

Stylish Tieback

A subtle way to add style to the windows is choosing chic curtain tiebacks. You can make your own tiebacks if you love creating customized pieces or you can get cool styles at your local hardware store. You can also salvage unused chains, coat them with primer then paint them gold and use them as a DIY tieback. You can either use one string of chain or layer it with thinner gold chains for a nice effect.

If you don’t have any unused iron chains at home, you can always use a couple of nice-looking leather belts. You can use matching belts or mismatched as curtain tiebacks to achieve an eclectic look. A great alternative to leather belts is colorful ties to add a flair of masculinity to your living space.

Playing with Curtain Styles

You can also use your curtains and to add style to your living space. Instead of leaving them hanging on their own, look for ways to create knots and use the textile decorate the windows. You can also use chiffon curtains to make your own café curtains. Just tie the flowy fabric into knot into the window bar. Keep adding tied knots until you cover the entire window and you are done.  You can also use contrasting colored chiffon fabric to liven up the space.

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