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Basic Information About Modular Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A modular home is a dwelling built indoors in a factory-like setting. Also known as “factory-built home or prefabricated homes,” the structure is transported to new locations where a builder will assemble the finished products.

Building a modular home is similar to putting together a structure using Lego blocks. The modular home is built by sections in a climate-controlled factory. The finished sections are then driven to the building site then put together using giant cranes. Once the structure is completed and set in place, it can no longer be moved to other location.

Although modular homes have been produced for decades, not much is known about them. In today’s post, we are listing down all the basic facts you need to know about prefabricated homes:

Modular Homes Differ in Quality

Don’t think that all modular homes are built the same, they are not. That’s why it’s important to choose a trusted brand when opting for a modular home. Just like a stick-built home, the quality of modular constructions has strict safety standards, controlled production and so on. But  again, not all modular homes are created equal. We highly suggest going online to research about reputable modular construction companies or getting referrals from friends. Check the reputation of a certain company and then inquire about the product. As you get to know a modular construction company, you may opt to check the finished home yourself.

Consider the Little Details

Don’t focus too much on the design of the home or the cost. When choosing a modular construction company, the little details count the most. Check the organization’s geographical reach, range of designs, marketing support, or if they offer any training. You’ll also need to know whether there are protected territories that the company operates and the price of the product per square foot, etc. It helps to research what to expect when doing business with a certain modular construction company.

Checking the Foundation

A stable foundation is critical in any structure. The safety of your loved ones literally depends on the stability of your home’s foundation. You can make foundation adjustments to regular, stick-frame homes to level the ground. But because modular homes are assembled in a factory then brought to the site, adjusting the foundation can be a little tricky. The foundation needs to be perfectly square to within half an inch. Modular homes require a level foundation free from wires and trees otherwise, the structure will not be stable at all.

The Key is Simplicity

When it comes to design, modular homes are available in a wide range of designs. They come in sleek, modern designs with crisp lines to cozy, homey country cottages and everything else in between! But the simpler the design is, the more stable the home!

When choosing the right modular home for you, go for simpler designs because complex designs can cause construction delays. Also, most people choose modular homes because they are cheaper. You will offset any savings you get from a modular home if you choose very complex designs.

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