Alternative Uses for Bookcases

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Here’s a shocker: the bookcase can be used in different ways other than storing books! With a little imagination and ingenuity, you can transform any room and add more storage space by exploring awesome ways to use a bookcase:

To Organize the Closet

Tired of dealing with a messy closet? Does your limited closet space lead to unsightly clutter? Why not use your bookcase as a closet organizer? Simply add decorative baskets to store your undies, socks, and folded clothing. You can also install little wire hangers for your accessories. You can use the bookcase to store other knickknacks such as scarves, leggings, and bag boxes too!

Media Console

A great way to keep all your entertainment devices in one place is converting a bookcase into a media console. Place the bookcase near the TV, and start organizing all your entertainment devices such as a gaming console, stereo system, DVD player, etc. You can also reserve a couple of spots for your DVDs or gaming CDs. For added support, we recommend placing the bookcase against the wall. This is also a great strategy to hide all the messy wires from the back!

Extra Seating

If your live in a small to medium-sized apartment and seating is an issue, you can use your bookcase as an extra bench. Just flip the bookcase on its side, add caster or short legs and you now have an extra-long bench. Now decorate the bench with cushion, decorative pillows and you are good to go. To add extra support and maximize the space, add horizontal shelves into the bookcase.


Did you know that you could use a bookcase as a faux wall? You can move the bookcase around or turn it on its side to block off space or cover a certain area you do not want to highlight. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the bookcase when moving it around.

Roving Library

If you have two bookcases on wheels, put them together back to back to make a mobile library. Because the bookcases are squeezed together back to back, they do not need wall support. This means you can put your roving library anywhere you like and create your very own reading nook! You can also use the roving library as extra shelving.

As a Door

Why use a regular door when you can convert a bookshelf into an awesome door? This project will require work but the extra effort is worth it! You can check out online tutorials to learn how to transform your bookshelf into a swinging door and add uniqueness to a room.

Under-Desk Storage

If you have a pair of very short bookcases, you can move it inside a large desktop to add space to your home office. You can use the bookcases to store important documents, office supplies or to put quirky office accessories on display. The bookcases also reinforce the stability of the desktop so you can place heavier items without worrying about your desk giving in to the weight!

As a Bag and Shoe Organizer

Here’s a cool way to organize your shoes: reuse an old bookcase by storing your favorite shoes and bags together. The extra space fits shoes, boots, and slippers of any kind. You can also store boxes or dust bags for your designer bags.

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