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All About Self-Storage: Basics, Types, and Factors to Consider

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A self-storage is a system that allows customers to rent units of space within a large warehouse to store various objects. Essentially, you hire a service that allows you to store items you own temporarily.

Types of Self-Storage

Climate Controlled

As the name implies, climate controlled self-storage features storage units that are housed in an enclosed facility where the humidity level and temperature are controlled. Controlling the temperature and the humidity helps maintain the integrity of the stored items. The storage units are typically restricted to unauthorized users and closely monitored by a sophisticated security system. Of the two types of self-storage services, climate controlled is the most expensive.

Non- Climate Controlled

Non-climate controlled storage features units housed in a warehouse or multiple rows of garages. The storage units are divided by net partitions. The climate is not controlled. Non-climate controlled self-storage is not unlike your typical garage. Users can drop off or pick up any items they want to store easily.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Self-Storage Facilities


Perhaps the most important factor to consider before hiring a self-storage company is security. Unfortunately, security is always an issue when it comes to these types of businesses. You want your valued possessions to be kept in a secured space and be looked after by security guards. Of course, all the extra services – including sophisticated security systems – will add up to the total cost of the service. Some services offer special discounts or promos. You can always inquire about such incentives by calling your preferred service provider.


Do note that not all storage units can be accessed 24/7. Some service providers limit the accessibility to working hours (9 AM to 5 PM). Other service providers do not allow access during the weekends. Beyond the given time of accessibility, you cannot access certain items even if it is urgent. So before you strike a deal with a self-storage service, inquire about the service hours.


As far as location goes, you want to choose a service provider that’s located in an accessible area. Ideally, go for a storage unit that’s near to your home. This way, you can save up on transportation cost just to go from point A to point B. However, if you are planning to store your items for the long term and you want to cut down on added costs, then self-storage units out of town should be a great option as well.


Different types of self-storage services offer different storage conditions and terms. The storage units come in various sizes. Depending on the items you want to be stored, choose a service that provide the right size of storage. Some service providers offer storage units for boats, cars, and furniture. Others offer storage units for smaller items, like antique decors or sports memorabilia.


Most self-storage companies will provide insurance plans. This is a great offer especially if you are storing valuable items. A company that offers in-house insurance plans shows that it is ready to take responsibility for the items under its care. Apart from in-house insurance, the company should keep the items safe during transit.

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