All About Kitchen Faucets: Types, Factors to Consider and Which One is The Best for Your Kitchen

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When it comes to kitchen faucets, the options are endless! They come in different styles, finishes and materials. Finding just a single style is definitely challenging. In today’s post, we are listing down 5 of the best kitchen faucets to help narrow down your search:

Single Handle Faucet

This is the most common of all kitchen faucets. The single-handle spigot has one lever to control the water flow. The design is very simple and it’s very easy to use. This design is perfect for modern kitchens. However, because it only comes with one lever, there’s no way to mix cold and hot water flows.

Dual Handle Faucet

This is one of the most popular kitchen faucet design because it combines hot and cold water flow. The faucet is fitted with two separate handles, simplifying how the water temperature is controlled. This faucet is best for classic or traditional kitchen designs.

Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet

This faucet design is mounted directly to the wall, just above the kitchen sink. Because it’s wall-mounted, there’s no need to use deck holes on the sink. This design works well for homes with a rustic, antique design or traditional kitchen design.

Pull-out Spray Faucet

As the name implies, this faucet comes with a pull-out head. The pull-out head is a movable nozzle, allowing the user to control the water flow efficiently. The pull out head is retractable too. This design is best for food establishments as well as modern and contemporary kitchen. One thing to consider before getting this design: cheaper pull-out spray faucets will break down faster than more expensive ones. That’s because the retractable head could bend or drop out of their sockets.

Prep or Bar Sink Faucet

This is a very small faucet, usually placed in the secondary kitchen sink. This isn’t used as a main faucet, more like a supplemental faucet for a very busy kitchen. However, this can work as a main faucet if you have a very small sink. This design is best for modest homes with very little room for the sink.

Choosing the Best Faucet for Your Kitchen

Picking the right faucet for your kitchen will depend on a lot of factors. These factors include what you use the sink for, the right combination of features and the height of the sink.

What Works Best for Your Needs?

Start by observing how you use your faucet every day. Do you prefer a dedicated lever for hot and cold water or you have no problems with a single handle faucet? Does your sink have one or two holes for the faucets? Do you prefer a pull-out faucet to clean vegetables or would you rather get a faucet with a high arch? Once you figure out which design suits your lifestyle, the choice becomes clearer.

Considering the Sink Configuration

The sink will come with holes dedicated for the faucets. If your sink has one or two holes, your options are limited. But if it has three or four holes for the faucets, you can consider multiple faucet designs.

Designs and Polishes

Do you prefer a faucet that makes a visual impact or a minimalist design to go with your dressed down kitchen? Does your kitchen come with a specific finish for furnishing? If the answer is yes, it’s best to stick to your theme. For example, if most of your kitchen furnishings are done in an oil rubbed bronze finish, then it makes sense to match the existing design with a faucet in oil rubbed bronze finish too.

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