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All About Curtains: General Care and Maintenance Tips

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Nothing quite like curtains to boost privacy and add character to a living space. Curtains and drapes come in an array of sizes and styles. Curtains ensure privacy from the outside while keeping the home insulated.

Of course, these furnishings require proper care and maintenance to prolong their life. When it comes to maintaining the curtains, you want to keep the material’s color and strength intact for years to come. Below are general tips and tricks to keeping your curtains and drapes looking brand new for years to come:

Preventing Sunlight Damage

The most common cause of curtain damage is sunlight exposure. Most textiles that are exposed to the sun for a prolonged period lose their color at a much faster rate. There’s no product that can truly protect your curtains from fading due to sunlight.

However, using light-colored curtains help minimize the appearance of unsightly fading. You see, light-colored curtains do not fade as quickly as dark-colored curtains. If say, your home receives a lot of sunlight during the day, opt for lined curtains. The curtain lining will protect the outer fabric from sunlight damage.

Vacuuming the Curtains

Did you know dirty curtains are one of the top causes of allergies in the home? Those curtains may look and feel immaculate, but dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens are stuck deep into the fabric. So it’s important to clean your curtains once a month. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wash them every month.

Just vacuum your curtains regularly. This will prevent the buildup of allergens within the fabric. Some curtains are more prone to allergen than others. For example, curtains on the living room get dirtier faster because they are always near the yard. When vacuuming the curtains, make sure to clean the edges of the curtains and the windowsills thoroughly. Also, before you vacuum the curtains, make sure there are no loose trims or embellishments that could damage the vacuum.

Washing the Curtains

Sometimes vacuuming per month just won’t cut it. Occasionally, you have to wash the curtains, especially kitchen curtains. Kitchen curtains absorb more dirt and grime from cooking odors and splattered grease.

Always take into account the curtains’ materials. Delicate materials like silk or sheer fabric require a special cleaning method. On the other hand, curtains made with heavy textile can be washed using a washing machine. To be on the safe side, always check the care guide to check the best way to preserve and clean your favorite window treatments.

Most types of cotton or linen curtains can be machine washed. But delicate fabrics like silk or sheer curtains must be hand-washed. Also, silk curtains bleed color during the initial wash.

Using the right detergent is also a must when cleaning the curtains. Make sure to use a mild detergent that gets rid of dirt and grime effectively. We recommend doing a patch test first, especially if you’re washing delicate drapes or dark-colored curtains. You do not want to damage your curtains by using the wrong detergent!

Should You Press the Curtains?

Some curtains require pressing, others don’t. If you want to keep the pleats crisp and wrinkle-free, then you need to press the curtains after cleaning them. However, keep the iron on a low setting so you don’t damage the material. If you can, dip the material in a starch mixture to retain its crisp, smooth appearance for longer.

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