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A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Magnaclean

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Magnaclean is a type of water treatment device used in the central heating filtration system. This product is typically fitted into the main circuit of a home’s heating system to boost efficiency and safety. Magnaclean can be installed anywhere on the heating system but is generally fitted close to the boiler on the return.

How Magnaclean Works

Magnaclean protects your heating system from sludge, which can cause corrosion. It also regulates heat exchange to boost the performance of your boiler.

The return on the hot water from the central heating system comes back to flow into the Magnaclean and then back into the boiler. And as water flows back and forth, it traps microscopic dirt, metals, and debris into the Magnaclean. When this happens, the water becomes clean as it flows back into the heating system, boiler, and radiator.

Although it’s an extremely useful device, installation is not so simple. That’s because most brands are not as clear as to how Magnaclean is installed. Most homeowners prefer to call a professional to install the device, but you can do this on your own.

In today’s post, we are giving you a step-by-step guide on how to install a Magnaclean in your heating system:

Step 1: Prepping the Heating System

You want to start by draining your central heating system or by powering off the feed and expansion tank. Let the system release the pressure. Then, begin measuring an 110m section for a 22mm unit, and a 195mm section for a 28m unit. Make your mark on these points so you won’t be confused with it during the latter part of the installation.

Step 2: Fitting the Magnaclean

It’s important to provide at least a 250mm of a gap between the top of the canister and the bottom of the system itself. As such, you have to make the right measurements and adjust accordingly. When you do this, cleaning the filter will be much easier later on.

Get a cutter and remove the section of the pipework that you want to create an opening within the heating system. Then, prepare the fittings and piping, if needed. Lubricate the fittings and start assembling the valves on the pipe carefully. With your fingers, secure the fittings tightly.

Connect the Magnaclean canister on the valves you just assembled. Tighten the compression fittings carefully. If the compression fittings are too tight, the whole heating circuit won’t work as efficiently.

Then, loosen off the valve nuts using the right tool. Insert the rubber washers that came with the Magnaclean canister. Attach the valve nuts right back. Again, make sure the nuts are tight enough that they won’t come off but not too tight that they affect the performance of the heating system.

Step 3: Wrapping Up

After installing the Magnaclean, you want to refill your heating system to check if you installed the device properly. Once the system is re-filled, run it then check for leaks and possible problems. If there are leaks, you’ll have to power off the unit and re-install the Magnaclean.

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