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A Guide to Quick Home Cleaning

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

No one likes a messy house but cleaning can be terribly inconvenient for average homeowners. These simple de-cluttering tricks are sure to simplify your cleaning routine so you can enjoy an organized space in half the time:

Time to Downsize

To make cleaning easier, you have to learn to let go of all the unused items that are gathering dust in your home. So go ahead, purge your closet, remove all the things you haven’t used in years, and de-clutter every room. Remove unwanted, stacked magazines that are taking too much room in the living area, along with knickknacks you’ve been ignoring for years. Once you got rid of the clutter you don’t need, it is much easier to organize all the items left behind. Purging your stuff is also a great way to maximize space in your home!

Start Organizing

After de-cluttering your living space, it is time to start organizing all the items that are useful to you. There are many ways to organize your things but if you are unsure how or where to start, get a large bin and start putting all the items inside. Organize your items by use. For instance, bundle all the gadgets together in one spot, do not leave them lying around at random places in the home. Dedicate a spot for your shoes, bags, magazines, and so on.

Now go to every room and start organizing your leftover things. Organize the items according to importance. This goes especially for items kept in your desk drawers. All the important items must be kept in the topmost drawer.

Go to the kitchen and start removing the unused items by keeping them in your cupboard. Again, leave only the most used items in handy, everything else goes to storage. The key is to make all your used items accessible so you don’t waste so much time rummaging through the clutter. You can always check your storage space for less used items.

Start Cleaning in Stages

Once all the clutter is gone, you’ll find that cleaning your space is so much easier! To make your home cleaning less of a hassle, we recommend cleaning up for 15 minutes every day instead of a one-time cleaning session. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to tidy up your space with just a few minutes spent cleaning.

Dedicate 15 minutes of your time cleaning in one area of the home. For instance, you can start in the living room area for day 1. Just start wiping all surfaces with a damp cloth, sweep the floor, and finish up by doing bits of organizing. Each time you leave a room, makes sure you don’t take one item and then leave it in another room it does not belong to.

Tidy up your home office every night. This way, your home office is clean by the time you start working the next day! The key here is to make mini cleaning a part of your daily routine to keep your home neat and tidy.

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