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A Collection of Exotic Plants and Flowers for Your Garden

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Exotic plants make a great addition to any garden. Surprisingly, these unusual-looking plants are  easy to grow. If you want to give your garden a different look, consider adding these exotic plants and flowers in your garden:

Fly Orchids

Ophrys insectifera or fly orchid is a species of the orchid family. It originated in Europe particularly in Scandinavia. The fly orchid bears striking deep violet flowers. It’s named so because the flowers’ petals resemble a fly!

The fly orchid’s scent is distinct. The odor contains pheromone that smells like female bees or wasps. That’s why male bees trying to copulate with the flowers is a common sight if you have a lot of fly orchids in your garden.

Dracula Orchids

Dracula orchid originated in Central America, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It’s named after Count Dracula, a fictional vampire. Dracula orchids are characterized by its blood red coloring and odd growth on its sepals. Dracula orchids belong to a class of epiphytes. This refers to a plant that grows only on another object or plant without deriving nutrients from its host.

Flaming Sword Plant

The flaming sword is a flowering plant that belongs to the bromeliad family, and subfamily Tillandsioideae. It’s also the most popular plants of its kind. The plant is named as such for its bright red, sword-shaped flower head and beautifully mottled leaves. The flower heads can grow up to two feet tall. The leaves feature brown bands that grow in a rosette.

The Swiss Cheese Plant

Yet another beautiful and strange plant, the Swiss cheese plant is a climbing shrub known for its patterned leaves. This plant is native to South American rainforests and could grow over ten feet tall. As such, this plant is best for those with spacious garden. The leaves – which grows around 9 to 35 inches – are leathery and glossy. Each leaf is also shaped like a heart! The Swiss Cheese Plant is best for gardens with a lot of shade. It’ll look great in a conservatory too. When growing the Swiss Cheese Plant, put it in the darkest corners of your garden.

Weeping Fig

The weeping fig originated in Southeast Asia and Australia. It grows up to ten feet! The weeping fig is part of the Ficus plant genus. The plant features large arching branches and pointed leaves. Although the weeping fig can grow up to 10 feet, there are miniature versions of this plant. Because the weeping fig takes longer to grow, one must be patient in caring for it. Proper lighting and watering is needed to achieve the weeping fig’s full height.

Hawaiian Ti Plant

This is a very striking tropical plant! The Hawaiian Ti plant is a type of evergreen, flowering plant that belongs to the asparagus family. It goes by many names and is a symbol of good luck in China. It originated in Southeast Asia and grows up to four feet. The Hawaiian Ti plant adapts well to growing indoors and thrives in warm, humid and tropical climates.

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