A Buying Guide on Bathroom Taps Types, Features, and Finishes

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Taps are indispensable bathroom fixtures. These fixtures add a finishing touch to the bathroom. Bathroom taps come in various styles and offer different features. Choosing just a single design can be challenging that’s why we’ve put together a buying guide to help you find the best bathroom taps to get:

Types of Bathroom Taps

Pillar Taps

This style is the most traditional design and it will fit classic and contemporary bathrooms alike. It’s also the easiest tap to install. Pillar taps are meant for baths and basins with two tap holes. The fixture has a pair of separate pillars for hot and cold water.

Freestanding Tap

This tap design rises up from the worktop or the floor. It’s often used in a traditional bathroom but could also work in a contemporary bathroom. Freestanding tap is best for roll-top baths as well as countertop basins.

Deck Tap

This tap design features two handles with a single spout, The deck taps are smaller than freestanding or mixer tap and sits very low and flat along the rim of the bath.


This tap style dispenses both cold and hot water. The taps are typically curved or straight depending on the handle type. This design is perfect for minimalist and contemporary bathrooms.

Mixer Tap

Mixer tap features either a single or two handles on both sides of a single spout. The hot and cold water is mixed into the body of the top. You can control the water flow and temperature using the single or separate handles. This bathroom tap is best for homes with high water pressure.

Shower Mixer Tap

This is an excellent tap for those who have a standalone shower or those who want more control over the water flow. Shower mixer tap is also one of the most affordable of all types of bathroom taps. Essentially, the shower is connected over a telephone-style tap. The showerhead is hung over the bath via a wall bracket. This tap design is perfect for households with kids and pets.

Bathroom Tap Finishes

Gold or Brass Finish: Perfect for adding warmth to the bathroom, these finishes are best for classic homes with traditional interiors.

Chrome Finish: Polished to a high shine, chrome finish is perfect for contemporary and classic homes alike. The color will go well with various color schemes.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Bathroom Tap

Water Pressure

Is the water pressure in your bathroom low or high? If the water pressure is high, you need a sturdy bathroom tap that can withstand water pressure. Usually, these taps are made specifically for such environments so ask the sales clerk which taps are made for high water pressure. If the water pressure is low then your options are virtually limitless.


The handles do more than just shut the water off or control the water flow. Some handles regulate hot water; switch the intensity of the water flow and so on. Handwheel or capstan handles have four mini-handles that switch the water on and off. Molded grip handles are meant to provide a tighter, more secure grip and added control. These handles are perfect for kids bathroom or as bathtub tap.

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