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8 Design Ideas to Maximize Under-Stair Space

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Wondering how to dress up the under-stair area of your home? Some homeowners leave the under-stair area alone for fear of “overcrowding” the space. This isn’t true at all. You’d be surprised how the under stair can add elegance and functionality in your living space. In today’s post, we are listing down stylish ways to maximize that extra space under the stairs.

1. As a Reading Nook

A house is not a home without books! The under-stair is a great space to convert into a cozy reading nook. Have shelves installed on the area, add a little table and a comfortable chair. You can also use a lounge chair instead of an ordinary chair for comfortable reading.

Liven up the space by adding colorful, kitsch accessories like an oil burner, a decorative lamp, a quirky book-end, or a really cool figurine. Finish off with decorative pillows to make the space warm and inviting.

2. A Small Home Office

Take your reading nook a step higher by converting it into a small home office. Together with shelves, install a small desk, your personal computer or laptop then add office supplies. Add an office chair, colorful figurines and, of course, a filing cabinet and you’re all set.

3. Extra Storage

If you have a small home, you can convert the under-stair into a storage area. Adding shelves makes the space even more functional. You can either install open shelves or pull-out shelves, whichever strikes your fancy. You can keep it playful by painting the shelves in bright, cheery colors like red, teal, yellow or dove blue.

If you opted for open shelves in neutral colors, why not add small wicker baskets? The baskets can hold your knick-knacks as they add a touch of elegance to the setting.

4. As Beverage Holder

Why not convert your under-stair into a beverage holder that’s conveniently within an arm’s reach? You can use it to store wine, bubblies, beer, or sodas. Take the design a step further by adding a small bar near the beverage holder.

5. A Small Closet

You can use the small space under the stair as a small closet. Fill it with articles of clothing and accessories that you always forget to wear when you head outside. You can also add your favorite perfume, jewelry or hats. Finish up by adding a full-length mirror so you can check your outfit before you step outside.

6. As Dinnerware Display

Love collecting stylish dinnerware? Why not let your guests marvel at your collection? Again, you can have shelves installed under the stairs and show off your best plates and tea sets. If the stairs are near the kitchen then the display shelf works as plate holders too.

7. An Extra Bedroom for Guests

Don’t think you can’t fit a small bed on that cramped space. If you don’t have a spare bedroom for guests, you can add a small bed under the stairs. Add small shelves and colorful décor to dress up the space. Add a lamp, a fabulous carpet and matching covers too.

8. A Mini Spice and Herb Pantry

Use the under stair to store herbs, sauces, spices and any cooking ingredients. Just install several shelves and a fitted door and your mini-pantry is done!

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