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7 Ways to Breathe Life Back to a Finished Basement

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

For most homes, the basement is used as a storage room, forgotten and overlooked. But if you want to maximize every room in your home, try these easy style ideas that are sure to breathe life back to your dark, dank basement:

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

The most effective way to transform a living space without spending thousands of dollars is a fresh coat of paint. Experiment with a light palette to inject freshness to your basement. You can also reserve one wall as the accent wall. The key is to have fun with the color palette to set the mood and make the space look cheerful.

2. Adding Stylish Decors

Another excellent way to make your basement look extra pretty is to add a selection of home decors. Think of your basement as an extension of your home rather than a forgotten space that collects dust from years of neglect. You can make your own decors or add bright new furniture such as a sofa, an ottoman, and a stylish lamp. You can add a work table and book shelves. For a sleek, modern look, you can also mount a TV on the wall, install low cabinets and finish up with a fluffy rug.

3. Developing a Game Room

If you’ve always wanted a game room for you or the kids, but the house is not big enough for one, consider turning the basement into an entertainment room. You can add a pool table, a tabletop football set, etc. You can also add lots of colorful bean bags and set up the TV and gaming console. Brighten up the walls by adding colorful decals or graphic wallpaper.

4. Man Cave

You can also turn your dusty basement into a man cave and host parties for guests. Make poker night a thing with friends by adding a long table and chairs in the basement, giving the space a fresh coat of paint and adding stylish decors. Wall-mount the TV, add a wine cellar, and a fridge.

5. Guest Room

You can also turn an unused basement into a small room for guests. Just spruce up the space with a fresh coat of paint and then add a bed, a bedside table, and lamp. Add lots of colorful pillows and kitschy decors to create a cozy, comfortable space for guests!

6. Make a DIY Station

If you love DIY projects as well as arts and crafts, but you do not have room for all your tools, why not turn your basement into your own DIY station? Just freshen up the space with an accent wall, add a table and chair. Then, add a couple of mini filing cabinets and colorful bins for your tools. Decorate your table with corkboards, decorative lamp, and other tools you use for making arts and crafts.

7. A Reading Nook

For folks who love to curl up with a good book, you can use your basement as a fabulous reading nook. Just install several bookshelves, add cabinets and a lounging sofa. You can add a little coffee table, a stylish rug and colorful pillows to warm up the space.

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