5 Ways to Remove the Bad Smell From the Fridge

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When we stuff our fridge with all kinds of food, we tend to forget that there are some leftovers that we fail to remove or throw away. Sometimes when our schedules are too busy, we tend to forget that we have vegetables stored in our fridge for months until they began to rot away and create a bad smell. So what can you do? Cleaning doesn’t seem to remove the smell easily but there are some ways that you can do to get rid of that smell. If you have this problem then let this article help you find the best solutions!

1. Use baking soda

Baking soda has been used in many ways and one of them is to get rid of the bad odor coming from your fridge. In order to eliminate the odor with the use of baking soda, what you need to do is to place a good amount of it in an open container. Place it inside your fridge (overnight to 24 hours) and let it absorb all the bad smell. You will be surprise with the results!

2. Use ground coffee

If you love drinking freshly ground coffee then you will also appreciate its use in eliminating the odor on your fridge. After you are done making your coffee, arrange the ground coffee in a plate and let it sit inside your fridge for 24 hours.

3. Use vanilla extract

We all know how vanilla smells great in food or colognes but it is also a good way to get rid of the bad smell in your fridge. With a good amount of cotton, damp it with vanilla extract and let it sit in your fridge for about 12 hours. Not only will the odor be removed but your fridge will also smell lovely!

4. Use activated charcoal

Perhaps among the most common things that people use in getting rid of the smell in the fridge is the activated charcoal. You can find activated charcoals sold in pet stores. Spread them in a container and let them sit in your fridge for a few days until the odor is gone.

5. Use unscented cat litter

This may be funny but it’s rather effective. Place the unscented cat litter at the bottom part of your fridge and let it stay there until the odor is gone. Of course, make sure that your cat doesn’t find out about this!

Of course, the best way to get rid of the smell in your fridge would be to take out the rotten, moldy foods and clean it. Turn off your fridge as you do if you don’t want to pay excess bills. Take all the food you have in there and pick those that needs to be thrown out and those that are still useful. Don’t expect to just put charcoal or cat litter in your fridge without properly cleaning your fridge. It may remove the smell but the problem will only linger. Keep in mind that dirty a dirty fridge harbors bacteria, so be a responsible owner and clean out your fridge. There are no excuses on that!

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