5 Decorative Houseplants Safe for Children and Pets

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

You might not know it, but that innocent-looking houseplant that you love so much could be toxic to kids and pets! You don’t have to give up on houseplants when you have very small children or pets in the home. The key is to identify houseplants that look great but are non-toxic. Never worry from poisonous houseplants again. In today’s post, we are giving you 5 beautiful (and non-toxic!) houseplants to decorate your home.

1. African Violet

African violet is a flowering, perennial plant that belongs to the Gesneriaceae family. This plant is known for its beautiful blooms. That’s why it’s a favorite in many gardens. You can keep the African Violent indoors too. This houseplant comes in an array of colors too. From soft pinks to vibrant reds or blues, they make gorgeous home accents! Best of all, they’re non-toxic to kids and pets alike.

African Violet is not just safe for Fido, it’s also a low maintenance plant. It just needs consistent light and an evenly moist and humid environment.

2. Christmas Cactus

Yet another striking decorative plant. The Christmas cactus is native to Southeast Brazil and belongs to the Cactaceae family. The plant thrives in a dry climate with very high humidity. The Christmas cactus yields beautiful red, orange or yellow blooms. It’s not just pretty, it’s also the perfect houseplants for parents or pet owners. The Christmas cactus is safe for small children, dogs, and cats!

3. Bird Nest Fern

Bird Nest Fern refers to different species of epiphytic ferns that belong to the Asplenium genus. The Bird Nest Fern is a tropical plant native to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. Although it grows very slowly, it’s a great houseplant. Just like most tropical plants, the Bird Nest fern requires lots of sunshine. It doesn’t need much fertilizer, but it does need regular watering. Apart from being a non-toxic houseplant, the Bird Nest fern is also an excellent accent to rock gardens or patios.

4. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm or chamaedorea elegans is a type of small palm tree native to Southern Mexico and Guatemala. It has beautiful, slender leaves and lives far longer than other houseplants. It can grow so old that sometimes, a parlor plant is passed from generation to generation! Although it’s a palm tree, it only grows from several inches up to three feet. It’s an excellent houseplant for terrariums or as tabletop décor. Caring for parlor palms is very easy too. This pet-friendly plant just needs a moist environment with moderate humidity to thrive.

5. Orange Star

Orange star – also known as bromeliad house plant – is a monocot flowering plant native to tropical Americas. It offers a punch of color in any room. Orange star is also safe for cats, dogs and kids. This houseplant is perfect in small living spaces, including apartments, small gardens or even as office décor. Caring for Orange star is very easy too. It just needs regular watering and a moderately moist environment to thrive!

There are so many types of non-toxic houseplants to choose from. If you are unsure if the plants you have at home are safe for kids, we recommend visiting a local nursery. Bring a photo of the plant and let an expert clue you in on its toxicity.

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