10 DIY Gardening Ideas

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

4. Make Your Own Seed Bombs

This is a form of what the internet calls “guerilla gardening”. Seed bombs are plant seeds that are wrapped in a ball of manure, fertilizer and clay, these are made to be planted into areas that are hard to reach, the point is to just throw it like bombs and leave it alone to grow. This is perfect if you have areas in your space that can be hard to reach but you want it to have a little green to it, just make these seed bombs and bombs away! These are usually used in apartment buildings where space can be an issue and where there are a lot of spaces that can’t be planted on because it is impossible to reach. These seed bombs are definitely an awesome innovation.

How To Make Seed Bombs

You will need:




Plant seeds

Mix the clay, the fertilizer and the manure together, make it into a ball

Put seeds inside it.

There you have it, a seed bomb!

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