10 DIY Gardening Ideas

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

3. Use Old Colanders As Planters

Have a couple of colanders you feel are not doing a great job of straining your pasta or veggies anymore? Don’t throw it out just yet! You can actually use old colanders for your plants. You can use them as hanging planters or as normal planters on the ground. Paint them different colors if you prefer, just like you would with the old recycled tire and hang them or keep them on the ground. Colanders are a nice addition to use to your garden because it isn’t overbearing. Plus the holes in the colander makes it easier for plants to grow as air, sunlight and moisture can go through the soil. I know a couple of people who prefer using colanders as opposed to hanging pots. Pots can be quite heavy and are prone to breaking which means you’d have to buy another pot. However, with colanders since it is lightweight you can store and display your plants in it with ease. The best part is, colanders are pretty inexpensive too which makes it a win win situation. You’d have a colander that is lightweight, it is easy to use and can also last for a very very long time.

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