10 DIY Gardening Ideas

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

2. Use Old Shoe Organizers As A Vertical Herb Garden

If you are trying to save space but would still want to have an herb garden, then use an old shoe organizer that you can hang on the wall as an herb garden. These can be hung on the wall so space is definitely saved and depending on your shoe organizer, you can plant as many as 16 different types of herb per shoe organizer. Besides saving space you can also save money. There are different types of shoe organizers and some that are relatively cheap. You don’t have to buy the expensive ones just to have an herb garden. I suggest checking out garage sales, boutique stores or check out shoe organizers that are on sale. Not only are you saving space, but also saving money at the same time. Having a shoe organizer as your make-shift herb garden also helps your organize all your herbs according to your need. It also helps for easy access if you’re going to use them if you’re cooking or preparing for a meal. I have one in my own backyard and just go and get my herbs that I hung from my shoe organizer outside my garden. It’s definitely a must try.

Use Old Tires As Planters

If you have space to spare, then using old tires as planters is something you should totally think of doing. You can paint the tires to add more of an oomph to it or leave it as they are, it’s totally up to you and then use it as planters. You help the environment by planting more plants and recycling old tires by using them for something else at the same time. Now some people don’t think that tire planters are attractive at all, but that all depends on how creative you can be and there’s no denying that tire planters give a garden some character. If you don’t like the plane black look of recycled old tire, you can opt to paint it with different colors. Painting the tires will not just make the old tire look like brand new but it will also add a touch of vibrant colors to your garden. Recycled old tires doesn’t have to be boring, as you can also have the option to hang it as a tire swing with all your plants hanging around it. Hanging plants are a gorgeous addition to a garden, and using a recycled tire to hang them as well gives your garden a touch of character as well.

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